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DCU Achievement Awards

On Thursday 3rd December the achievement awards ceremony was held in the Helix theatre. This event took place to celebrate the achievements of 4th and 5th year students around Dublin. Awards were given for academic, sports, arts, helping the community and excellence. Our students took home many certificates including an overall runner up academic award. This went to Isaac Hurley in 4th year after receiving 7 A grades in his Junior Certificate.

Also participating in this ceremony were 4 of our music students.  Francisca Sotomayor in 5th year played piano and sang, Alfredo Lopez and Mark Moloney played guitar and sang, and John Doran in 6th year sang. These students performed in front of a fully seated theatre and did the school proud. Award winners include:

Community Spirit: Grace Kearney/ Sergio Souto Lopez/ Edward Tierney

Arts & Culture:Edvardas Navackas/ Mark Moloney/ Francisca Sotomayor

Academic: Octavian Tiolan/ Isaac Byrne/ Tony Panaychai

Exceptional:Alison Duff/ Megan- Heeney-Holmes/ Megan Murphy/ Lorena Cimpean/ Oisin Mc Caul Proudfoot

Sporting:Conor Madden

Dublin City University Achievement Awards