Ember Renewal Day

The Ember Team were invited to talk about all of the wonderful work that they been doing in Rosmini over the past academic year. From organsing events such as Friendship Day and an Intercultural Fair to running a weekly lunchtime club called First Aid for the Mind, our students spoke of their commitment to promoting positive mental health and the celebration of diversity in our school community. In a morning liturgy, our team were blessed with a holy oil to give them strength to serve as mentors to other students in the months ahead. Jack Coleman, Oriana Murray, Jade Fitzsimons, Ethan Hackett-Kissane, Jonathan Randle and Luke Martin received a talk from John Lonergan, the former Governor of Mountjoy, who encouraged them to use their gifts & talents to make a meaningful differance in the lives of others. Our Team also participated in a workshop in which they were given ideas to help create prayer spaces for different occasions. A special thanks to Mount Sackville for hosting a wonderful day of renewal for our students.